Layoffs Roundup: Thurs 7/2/20

Below is a recap of the layoffs from this past week. Check out the Tracker for a complete list of all tech layoffs during the coronavirus pandemic.

🏢 Katerra ∙ 🌎 SF Bay Area ∙ 👩 400 employees (7%) ∙ 🔗Source

  • A tech-driven construction company, Katerra cut 400 employees following a CEO change. The SoftBank-backed company previously laid off 240 employees in April. Katerra said then that stay-at-home orders forced the company to shut down some of its operations. TheRealDeal previously reported cases of cost overruns, delays, and cancellations in Katerra’s construction projects.

🏢 Argo AI ∙ 🌎 Munich ∙ 👩 100 employees ∙ 🔗Source

  • A self-driving car company, Argo AI laid off 100 of the 300 employees in its Munich-based Autonomous Intelligent Driving unit. Argo acquired the AID unit from Volkswagen as part of a $2.6 billion investment in Argo last year.

🏢 Bossa Nova ∙ 🌎 Pittsburgh, SF Bay Area ∙ 👩 61 employees ∙ 🔗Source

  • A maker of robots used in retail stores, Bossa Nova Robotics is terminating or furloughing 61 people. The layoffs affect its Bay Area and Pittsburgh-area staff, and are concentrated in the company’s software and operations teams. No robots were laid off.

🏢 ∙ 🌎 Toronto ∙ 👩 26 employees ∙ 🔗Source

  • A startup that uses AI to improve customer interactions, laid off 26 employees as part of a strategy change. The company said it would be focusing fully on its Trusted Signals Exchange offering going forward.

🏢 New Relic ∙ 🌎 Portland ∙ 👩 20 employees ∙ 🔗Source

  • A software performance monitoring tool, New Relic is combining its site engineering team with its core technology platform team. As a result, “less than 20 people” were laid off at its engineering headquarters in Portland.

🏢 Byton ∙ 🌎 SF Bay Area ∙ 👩 Unknown # employees ∙ 🔗Source

  • A Chinese electric vehicle startup, Byton said last week that it was implementing a layoff in its U.S. office. Later, it emerged that due to financial difficulties exacerbated by the pandemic, Byton will be halting operations entirely for at least six months. The company has yet to ship its first vehicle, a small crossover SUV.

🏢 G2 ∙ 🌎 Chicago ∙ 👩 Unknown # employees

  • A reviews website for business software, G2 conducted a “significant” workforce reduction, has learned. Multiple employees, particularly in marketing, posted on LinkedIn about being laid off.

Layoffs Roundup: Mon 3/30/20

Since Thursday, unicorn startups ZipRecruiter, WeWork, Knotel, Getaround, and OneWeb have each laid off hundreds of employees, and over 20 startups in total have cut jobs.

Below are a few of the recent layoffs. Check out our Layoffs Tracker for a comprehensive, real-time report. If you’ve seen a layoff spreadsheet for any of these companies, please let us know!

  • ZipRecruiter, the online hiring marketplace, laid off over 400 employees (39%). The company has seen its customers drastically slow down hiring and expects to miss revenue projections.
    • 🌎 Santa Monica ∙ 👩‍💼 400 employees (39%) ∙ 🔗WSJ
  • WeWork, the co-working company, laid off 250 employees. This follows a previous round of layoffs in November, but is supposedly unrelated to the coronavirus pandemic.
    • 🌎 New York City ∙ 👩‍💼 250 employees ∙ 🔗Reuters
  • Everlane, an e-commerce site for luxury clothing, laid off or furloughed 200 workers, primarily in their retail and backend operations functions.
    • 🌎 San Francisco ∙ 👩‍💼 200 employees ∙ 🔗WWD
  • Knotel, which leases office space to companies, laid off 127 employees (30%) and furloughed an additional 68 employees (20%). The layoffs affected multiple departments and locations. Real estate startups like Knotel continue to suffer due to the coronavirus pandemic.
  • Getaround, the car sharing startup, laid off 100 employees (25%). This follows a previous round of layoffs in January. Getaround is suffering from both the coronavirus pandemic as well as a pullback in funding from its main backer, Softbank.
    • 🌎 San Francisco ∙ 👩‍💼 100 employees (25%) ∙ 🔗BizJournals
  • OneWeb, which builds satellites that provide internet access, filed for bankruptcy and announced layoffs. It said it had failed to secure further funding.
    • 🌎 London ∙ 👩‍💼 Hundreds of employees ∙ 🔗BBC
  • Zipcar, the rental car company, laid off 20% of staff. The travel industry continues to be disrupted by the coronavirus.
    • 🌎 Boston ∙ 👩‍💼 Hundreds of employees (20%) ∙ 🔗BostonInno
  • Restaurant365, which makes restaurant management software, laid off a “big chunk” of its 400 employees. It has seen a 75% decline in YoY sales.
  • Textio, which helps companies write better job descriptions, laid off 30 employees (20%).
    • 🌎 Seattle ∙ 👩‍💼 30 employees (20%) ∙ 🔗Geekwire
  • B8ta, a retailer for consumer electronics and home goods, laid off over half of its corporate staff and furloughed its retail employees.
    • 🌎 San Francisco ∙ 👩‍💼 50% of corporate employees ∙ 🔗Retail Dive
  • Pivot3, which develops hyperconverged infrastructure, laid off a significant portion of its 250 employees.
  • DataRobot, which helps companies manage their machine learning models, significantly reduced headcount.
    • 🌎 Boston ∙ 👩‍💼 Unknown # affected ∙ 🔗BostonInno