Layoffs Roundup: Mon 3/30/20

Since Thursday, unicorn startups ZipRecruiter, WeWork, Knotel, Getaround, and OneWeb have each laid off hundreds of employees, and over 20 startups in total have cut jobs.

Below are a few of the recent layoffs. Check out our Layoffs Tracker for a comprehensive, real-time report. If you’ve seen a layoff spreadsheet for any of these companies, please let us know!

  • ZipRecruiter, the online hiring marketplace, laid off over 400 employees (39%). The company has seen its customers drastically slow down hiring and expects to miss revenue projections.
    • 🌎 Santa Monica ∙ 👩‍💼 400 employees (39%) ∙ 🔗WSJ
  • WeWork, the co-working company, laid off 250 employees. This follows a previous round of layoffs in November, but is supposedly unrelated to the coronavirus pandemic.
    • 🌎 New York City ∙ 👩‍💼 250 employees ∙ 🔗Reuters
  • Everlane, an e-commerce site for luxury clothing, laid off or furloughed 200 workers, primarily in their retail and backend operations functions.
    • 🌎 San Francisco ∙ 👩‍💼 200 employees ∙ 🔗WWD
  • Knotel, which leases office space to companies, laid off 127 employees (30%) and furloughed an additional 68 employees (20%). The layoffs affected multiple departments and locations. Real estate startups like Knotel continue to suffer due to the coronavirus pandemic.
    • 🌎 New York City ∙ 👩‍💼 127 employees (30%) ∙ 🔗Commercial Observer
  • Getaround, the car sharing startup, laid off 100 employees (25%). This follows a previous round of layoffs in January. Getaround is suffering from both the coronavirus pandemic as well as a pullback in funding from its main backer, Softbank.
    • 🌎 San Francisco ∙ 👩‍💼 100 employees (25%) ∙ 🔗BizJournals
  • OneWeb, which builds satellites that provide internet access, filed for bankruptcy and announced layoffs. It said it had failed to secure further funding.
    • 🌎 London ∙ 👩‍💼 Hundreds of employees ∙ 🔗BBC
  • Zipcar, the rental car company, laid off 20% of staff. The travel industry continues to be disrupted by the coronavirus.
    • 🌎 Boston ∙ 👩‍💼 Hundreds of employees (20%) ∙ 🔗BostonInno
  • Restaurant365, which makes restaurant management software, laid off a “big chunk” of its 400 employees. It has seen a 75% decline in YoY sales.
    • 🌎 Irvine ∙ 👩‍💼Unknown # affected ∙ 🔗Crunchbase News
  • Textio, which helps companies write better job descriptions, laid off 30 employees (20%).
    • 🌎 Seattle ∙ 👩‍💼 30 employees (20%) ∙ 🔗Geekwire
  • B8ta, a retailer for consumer electronics and home goods, laid off over half of its corporate staff and furloughed its retail employees.
    • 🌎 San Francisco ∙ 👩‍💼 50% of corporate employees ∙ 🔗Retail Dive
  • Pivot3, which develops hyperconverged infrastructure, laid off a significant portion of its 250 employees.
    • 🌎 Austin ∙ 👩‍💼 Unknown # affected ∙ 🔗Blocks and Files
  • DataRobot, which helps companies manage their machine learning models, significantly reduced headcount.
    • 🌎 Boston ∙ 👩‍💼 Unknown # affected ∙ 🔗BostonInno
Starsky Robotics

Starsky Robotics reportedly shutting down, lays off majority of staff

🌎 San Francisco ∙ 👩‍💼 Unknown # affected ∙ 🖥 All departments

Starsky Robotics, a self-driving truck startup, is reportedly shutting down after its Series B fell apart due to concerns about its asset-heavy, low-margin business model. The majority of staff have been laid off, likely numbering a couple dozen. The company had raised $20 million, most recently from Shasta Ventures two years ago.