Layoffs Roundup: Tues 4/14/20

The Tracker has now confirmed 230 startups w/ layoffs and 22,000 employees laid off since the coronavirus was declared a pandemic.

Below are a few of the recent layoffs. Check our tracker for a comprehensive report. If you’ve seen a layoff spreadsheet for any of these companies, please let us know so we can help the affected people!

  • Groupon, a marketplace for discounts from local businesses, said it expects to lay off or furlough 44% of its team (2,800 employees). Previous reports suggested that only the sales and sales operations teams were affected, but the company’s announcement confirms a significantly deeper cut. Groupon has seen a “material deterioration” in its business due to the closure of local businesses it works with.
    • 🌎 Chicago βˆ™ πŸ‘© 2,800 employees (44%) βˆ™ πŸ”—Source
  • Meow Wolf, an art collective that creates interactive experiences, laid off 201 employees. Its art installations and live events have been cancelled due to shelter-in-place.
    • 🌎 Santa Fe βˆ™ πŸ‘© 201 employees βˆ™ πŸ”—Source
  • Monzo, an online bank, closed its Las Vegas office and laid off all 165 customer support employees there. The decision was in the works prior to the coronavirus pandemic.
    • 🌎 Las Vegas βˆ™ πŸ‘© 165 employees βˆ™ πŸ”—Source
  • OneTrust, which makes software that helps companies comply with privacy regulations, laid off 10-15% of its 1,500 employees. The company raised funding at a $2.7 billion valuation just two months ago.
    • 🌎 Atlanta βˆ™ πŸ‘© 150 employees (10%) βˆ™ πŸ”—Source
  • Omie, a Brazilian startup that sells business management software to small businesses, laid off 136 employees (15%).
    • 🌎 Sao Paulo βˆ™ πŸ‘© 136 employees (15%) βˆ™ πŸ”—Source
  • Zoox, a maker of self-driving taxis, is laying off 100 employees (10%). The news comes just one week after it laid off all 120 of its contract workers, including its backup drivers. Shelter-at-home orders have affected Zoox’s ability to continue testing its self-driving vehicles.
    • 🌎 San Franciscoβˆ™ πŸ‘© 100 employees (10%) βˆ™ πŸ”—Source
  • Domo, which creates business intelligence software to help executives manage their business, cut roughly 10% of its staff (about 90 people). The layoff was needed to ensure the company wouldn’t run out of money.
    • 🌎 Salt Lake City βˆ™ πŸ‘© 90 employees (10%) βˆ™ πŸ”—Source
  • Clinc, which uses AI to create virtual assistants, laid off 32% of its staff (40 employees). In February, the company’s CEO resigned after employee complaints of inappropriate behavior.
    • 🌎 Ann Arbor βˆ™ πŸ‘© 40 employees (32%)βˆ™ πŸ”—Source
  • Mejuri, a startup that sells fine jewelry, laid off 15% of its team. Its retail stores have been closed since late March due to the ban on non-essential businesses.
    • 🌎 Toronto βˆ™ πŸ‘© 36 employees (15%) βˆ™ πŸ”—Source


Atrium shuts down, lays off entire 100-person staff

🌎 San Francisco βˆ™ πŸ‘©β€πŸ’Ό 100 employees (100%) βˆ™ πŸ–₯ All departments

Atrium, the hybrid law firm + tech startup, is shutting down and laying off all 100 employees (see link below for the listπŸ‘‡). Atrium says it failed to make legal services more cost-efficient with technology, a core part of the startup’s original thesis. Started by co-founder Justin Kan, the startup had raised over $75 million from Andreessen Horowitz and General Catalyst.