Lime lays off 100 workers and shuts down 12 markets

🌎 Mostly San Francisco ∙ 👩‍💼 100 employees (14%) ∙ 🖥 Various business roles

Lime, the electric scooter company, is shutting down 12 of its markets and laying off 100 employees (14% of its workforce). After a period of rapid expansion into new markets, e-scooter companies have been suffering large losses, causing them to retreat. Lime has raised $765 million to date.


Quora announces layoffs

🌎 Mountain View ∙ 👩‍💼 At least 12 employees ∙ 🖥 Mostly engineering

Quora, the question & answer website, announced a partial layoff to reduce costs to a more sustainable level. It’s unknown how many of the company’s ~200 employees were affected, but their layoff list (see link below 👇) includes about a dozen people — mostly engineers in the Bay Area.


Oyo lays off 1,800 in India and China

🌎 Various cities across India and China ∙ 👩‍💼 1,800 employees (9%) ∙ 🖥 Various business roles

Oyo, an India-based budget hotel chain, is laying off 1,800 employees across India and China (9% of staff), and plans to lay off another 1,200 in India in the coming months. The startup has raised a staggering $3.2 billion and was most recently valued at $10 billion by SoftBank. Its fast growth has come with commensurately large losses.


Breather lays off 18 employees to work towards profitability

🌎 Mostly Montreal ∙ 👩‍💼 18 employees (17%) ∙ 🖥 All departments

Breather, which provides flexible office space across 10 cities, has laid off 18 employees (17% of its workforce). The layoffs are designed to help Breather achieve profitability by the end of 2020. Breather has raised $122 million from Menlo Ventures, RRE, and others.