LinkedIn launches official talent directory after laying off 960 employees

🌎 Multiple locations ∙ 👩 960 employees (6%) ∙ 🖥 Multiple departments

LinkedIn, the professional networking site, laid off 960 employees (6%) across its Global Sales and Talent Acquisition teams in late July. Today the company launched an opt-in talent directory featuring hundreds of its recently-departed alumni (see link 👇).

The directory includes people with experience in customer success, recruitment, and sales management in North and South America, Europe, and the Asia-Pacific regions, according to a company blog post.

Not surprisingly, LinkedIn’s alumni talent directory was built inside LinkedIn’s own product. After logging in to LinkedIn, hiring managers and recruiters can filter candidates by connections, locations, job title, and job type. They can then browse each candidate’s LinkedIn profile and send a LinkedIn message to those they’re interested in.

All of these features resemble the LinkedIn Recruiter product that sits within the company’s Talent Solutions business. Ironically, it is the Talent Solutions business that catalyzed the company’s layoff in the first place, having suffered due to a slowdown in hiring during the pandemic.

The LinkedIn layoff list features over 400 ex-employees globally.

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