Oyo UK launches talent directory for laid-off employees

🌎 London ∙ 👩 At least 34 employees ∙ 🖥 Multiple departments

Oyo, a lodging startup headquartered in India, has cut hundreds of employees globally as the pandemic decimates its business.

In the wake of these layoffs, the Oyo UK division released a talent directory to showcase a few of its affected employees (see link 👇). Employees were told in May that most of the UK staff would be laid off, numbering approximately 150-200 people.

It’s not clear whether the talent directory is meant to cover the May layoffs, or if there’s been a new round in July. The Oyo layoff list features 34 ex-employees, many of whom are in sales.

According to a recent internal memo, Oyo’s global revenue has dropped to ~30% of pre-COVID levels amid declining hotel occupancy rates.

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